Demand For Oklahoma Innocence Project Grows After Successful Exonerations

The Oklahoma Innocence Project’s caseload is growing after the non-profit scored a legal victory last year that exonerated two former inmates.

In May 2016, Malcolm Scott and De’Marchoe Carpenter left prison for the first time in 16 years after the Oklahoma Innocence Project cleared the two men. Both were wrongfully convicted in the 1994 murder of Karen Summers and sentenced to life plus 170 years.

The Journal Record’s Molly Fleming writes more potential clients are now reaching out to the Oklahoma Innocence Project after that first success, according to executive director Vicki Behenna.

“(The two men’s exonerations) have raised the profile of the clinic,” Behenna said. “There are at least two results. It’s not just some theory class. People are starting to see the work and the results.”

Students at the Oklahoma City University School of Law work with Behenna to help pursue cases in which there is credible factual evidence of innocence, according to the clinic’s website.Law student Cameron Farnsworth is the president of the Fighting for Innocence Through Exoneration (FITE) group, which helps the Oklahoma Innocence Project with its cases. Farnsworth spends a lot of time opening envelopes and reading letters

The mail pile dates back nearly two years. About 80 percent comes from prisons, nationwide.

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