How Killers Death Row Confession Freed Two Men

Strapped to a gurney in Oklahoma's execution chamber, with a fatal cocktail of drugs about to flow into his veins, Michael Lee Wilson declared: 'Malcom Scott and De'marchoe Carpenter are innocent.'

At the time of Wilson's 2014 execution, Carpenter and Scott had already spent 20 years in prison for the murder that Wilson committed when they were 17.

In the early morning hours of September 10, 1994, 19-year-old Karen Lashawn Summers, the mother of an infant, was gunned down outside a house party in Tulsa, Oklahoma in a drive-by shooting sparked by rivalries between Bloods and Crips gang members.

Carpenter and Scott, now both 40, were convicted of the murder as teens despite no physical evidence linking them to the crime, on the strength of two eyewitnesses who later recanted their testimony. 

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