Most charitable and non-profit organizations recognize that without the help of faithful volunteers, they would not be able to provide the level of service and/or outreach necessary to assist those in need.  The Oklahoma Innocence Project and its applicants, profoundly benefit from the selfless giving of someone’s time.  There is no task, so small, that it goes without notice and appreciation. Volunteers and community involvement are priceless and essential to the ultimate success of this Project.

As OKIP grows, so will our need for dedicated volunteers.  Currently, we receive an average of 25-30 new requests for assistance per month.  Every case requires constant and ongoing attention and maintenance.  For each hour that a volunteer contributes, it allows OKIP staff to concentrate on the fundamentals; case investigation, research and development.  The ability to focus on determining actual innocence is the primary path toward obtaining the goal of exonerating the wrongfully convicted.

In order to maintain the integrity of the Project, volunteers are asked to consider the following:

  • You cannot be related in any way to anybody who has ever asked for assistance from OKIP or currently has a case being reviewed by OKIP

  • You must sign a confidentiality agreement

  • You will be interviewed by OKIP staff

  • Space is limited within the OKIP building – space for student to do their casework is the top priority

Volunteers are typically needed to assist with administrative work: filing, copying, scanning, etc.

If you wish to devote some of your volunteer time with OKIP, please fill out the information below.  A Volunteer Application will then be emailed to you.  Once you return the completed form, it will allow us to better assess our needs in harmony with your qualifications and fields of interest.

Thank you in advance for supporting the Oklahoma Innocence Project.


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